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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wedderburn, Alexander 1621?-1678

Alexander Wedderburn was the eldest son of James Wedderburn, elder, of Moonzie, was a minister of some note, first at Forgan, co. Fife, and then at Kilmarnock, co. Ayr. He was born about 1621-24, and matriculated at St. Andrew's in 1639, graduating there in 1642. He was the author of various sermons, published after his death including:

"Believers Priviledges and duties and the exercise of Communicants, holden forth in several sermons, preached on diverse texts and at severall occasions By the learned, pious, and laborious servant of Jesus Christ, Mr. Alexander Wedderburne, first minister of the Gospell at Forgan in Fife and thereafter at Kilmarnock in the West. Printed in the year 1682." There is an introduction by J.B. which speaks of the book at posthumous and pubished by his hopeful son. The book is called a "first part only, it being intended to issue other sermons."

"David's Testament opened up in Fourty Sermons By that eminent servant of Jesus Christ, Mr. Alexander Wedderburn, first &c. .... west (as in a). Edin., 1705." It is dedicated by H.T., his relict, to the Countess of Rothes. Another identical edition was published at Glasgow 1721.

"Heaven upon Earth, or the History of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ, open and practically improven in several srmons By that faithful servant of Jesus Christ, Mr. Alex. Wedderburn, minister of the Gospel, first of Gorgan in Fife, then at Kilmarnock. Glasgow, 1754." This volume contains a dedication of "these fewsermons preached by my father, " to Margaret, Countess of Weems, signed M.W. (no doubt his daughter Mary) and an address "to the Christ Reader."

The Wedderburn Book: A History of the Wedderburns in the Counties of Berwick and Forfar, &c, Volume 1 (1898) By Alexander Dundas Ogilvy Wedderburn (see page 52)

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