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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tallents, Francis 1619-1708

Francis Tallents (1619–1708) was a non-conforming English Presbyterian clergyman.

Born in Derbyshire, Tallents studied at Peterhouse, Cambridge and Magdalene College, Cambridge, where he became a Fellow and subsequently President. He was appointed minister of St. Mary's, Shrewsbury in 1652, but ejected for Nonconformity in 1662. His 1705 History of Schism involved him in controversy with the nonjuring clergyman Samuel Grascome (1641–1708).


Universal History, 1685
A Sure and Large Foundation
A History of Schism, 1705
Some few considerations upon Mr S G's large answer to the Short history of schism; and especially upon the new and bold assertion, that there can be no church, or salvation, ... without a canonical bishop, 1706

Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 55 - 1898 (see page 347)

Eighteen sermons by the Rev. Philip Henry, A.M., formerly of Christ Church College, Oxford : selected from his original manuscripts ; also, two sermons preached on his death ... by Francis Tallents ... Matthew Henry ... - Henry, Philip, 1631-1696
A Sermon Preached at Broad Oak, June 27, 1696, at The Funeral of the Reverend Philip Henry, A.M. by Francis Tallents, A.M. (here)
Moderation in Fashion: or, An Answer to a Treatise Written by F. Tallents, Entituled, A Short History of Schism, &c. S.G. (Samuel Grascome) - 1705 - 80 pages
Some few considerations upon Mr. S. G.'s (Samuel Grascome's) large answer to the Short history of Schism; and Especially upon the New and Bold Assertion, that there can be no Church, or Salvation, ... without a Canonical Bishop Francis Tallents - 1706 - 55 pages

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