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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Spener, Philipp Jakob (Jacob, James) 1636-1705

Philip Jacob Spener was a German Protestant theologian, founder of the Pietists, born in Alsace, studied in Strasbury; in 1670 held a series of meetings which he called "Collegia Pietatis," whence the name of his sect; established himself in Dresden and in Berlin, but Halle was the center of the movement; he was an earnest and univerally esteemed man.

Memoir of Philip James Spener from "The Christian Guardian, and Church of England Magazine" - 1848 (page 49, and continued on pages 97, 145, 193)

Online edition of Spener's heraldic works

Philip Jacob Spener and His Work (1897) By Marie E. Richard
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Philip Jacob Spener and his work (1897) - Richard, Marie E
"Augustus Hermann Francke and his work" (with special t.-p.) : p.[91]-154

"Life pictures of Spener and his times" : Philipp Jacob Spener, a historical life picture (1879) - Wildenhahn, Carl August, 1805-1868
Philipp Jacob Spener [microform] (1893) - Walrond, F. F. (Francis Frederick)
Pia Desideria (1964)
This classic work, first published in 1675, inaugurated the movement in Germany called Pietism. In it a young pastor, born and raised during the devastating Thirty Years War, voiced a plea for reform of the church which made the author and his proposals famous. A lifelong friend of the philosopher Leibnitz, Spener was an important influence in the life of the next leader of German Pietism, August Herman Francke. He was also a sponsor at the baptism of Nicholas Zinzendorf, founder of the Moravian Church, whose members played a crucial role in the life of John Wesley.

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