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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jacombe (Jacomb), Thomas 1622-1687

Dr. Thomas Jacomb was born in Leicestershire, and educated first in Magdalen-hall, Oxon, and after in Emanuel college, Cambridge, from whence he removed to Trinity college, of which he was a fellow. He came to London in 1647, and was soon after minister of Ludgate parish, where he continued till he was turned out in 1662. He met with some trouble after his ejectment, but being received into the family of the countess dowager of Exeter, daughter of the earl of Bridgwater, he was covered from his enemies. This honourable and virtuous lady was a comfort and support to the non-conformist ministers throughout the reigh of king Charles II. Her respects to the doctor were peculiar, and her favours extraordinary, for which he made the best returns he was able. The doctor was a learned man, an able divine, a serious affectionate preacher, of unspotted morals, and a non-conformist upon moderate principles. He died of a cancerous humour, that put him to the most acute pain, which he bore with invincible patience and resignation till the 27th March 1687, when he died in the countess of Exeter's house, in the sixty-sixth year of his age.
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A Commentary on Romans 8:1-4
Sermons on the eighth chapter of the Epistle to the Romans, (verses 1-4) (1868) - Jacombe, Thomas, 1622-1687
Includes index and bibliographical footnotes
A Treatise of Holy Dedication, both personal and domestic, written after the fire of London, and recommended t the citizens, after their return to their rebuilt habitations, and other tracts.
A Funeral Sermon for Mr. M. Martin
A Funeral Sermon for Mr Vines, with an account of his life
A Funeral Sermon for Mr. Case, with a narrative of his life and death
The Life and Death of Mr. William Whitaker, Son of the Famous Mr. Jer. Whitaker
Two Sermons in the "Morning Exercies"
A Sermon at St. Paul's, October 25, 1656.
A Sermon before the Lord Mayor, &c. at the Spittal

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