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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hitchin, Edward 1726-1774

Edward Hitchin was a minister first at Fetterlane (1743) where he assisted Mr. Rawlin, then at White Row, Spitalfields (1750).

Middleton's "Evangelical Biography, Volume 4" - 1816 (see page 466)

The history and antiquities of dissenting churches and meeting by Walter Wilson - 1810 - Architecture (see page 458)

This chapel (Plate 42b) was built, probably in about 1755, by a congregation of Independents under Edward Hitchin, which had met previously in Artillery Lane Chapel. Many members of the congregation at this time are said to have had Huguenot names. Hitchin died in 1774 and was succeeded by Nathaniel Trotman. The congregation was then large, drawing most of its members from within a mile of the chapel: Trotman's reception service was attended by 1,200 persons. He died in 1792 and was followed by John Goode, who served the chapel until his resignation in 1826, by which time the congregation had dwindled considerably. The Rev. Henry Townley became minister in 1828. In 1836 the congregation left White's Row, the lease having nearly expired, and after a short stay in Bury Street Chapel, built Bishops gate Chapel.
From: 'Spitalfields Market area', Survey of London: volume 27: Spitalfields and Mile End New Town (1957), pp. 127-147. URL: Date accessed: 29 November 2009.

A sermon preached at the new meeting, in White-Row Spital-Fields [microform] : on Thursday, 29 November 1759 : being the day appointed by His Majesty for a general thanksgiving - Hitchin, Edward
"O give thanks to the Lord of lords: for his mercy ..."--Psalm CXXXVI. 3, 4

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