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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Grimshaw, William 1708-1763

William Grimshaw of Haworth was a noted evangelist of the 1700s and collaborator with the Wesley brothers.

See web site devoted to William Grimshaw. (here)

Middleton's "Evangelical Biography, Volume 4" - 1816 (see page 394)

William Grimshaw, incumbent of Haworth, 1742-63 Robert Spence Hardy - 1860 - 286 pages

Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 23 - 1890 (see page 254)

The English Church from the Accession of George I. to the end of the Eighteenth Century (1714-1800), Volume 7 by John H. Overton and Frederic Relton - 1906 (see page 147)

J. C. Ryle's "Christian Leaders of the Last Century; or, England A Hundred Years Ago" - 1869 (see page 106)

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