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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stewart, James 1635-1713 UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Sir James Stewart (1635 - May 1, 1713) was a Covenanter and rose to the position of Lord Advocate of Scotland (1692-1709). He was the author of "Naphtali" and "Jus Populi Vindicatum".

The Lord Advocates of Scotland: From the Close of the Fifteenth Century to the Passing of the Reform Bill, Volume 1 (1883) By George William Thomson Omond (see page 243)
Naphtali, or the Wrestlings of the Church of Scotland for the Kingdom of Christ - 1667
Jus Populi Vindicatum, or the People's Right to Defend Themselves and their Covenanted Religion Vindicated - 1669

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