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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shields, Alexander c.1660-1700

Alexander Shields (1660/1–1700) was a Scottish covenanter, nonconformist minister, activist, and author.

Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 52 - 1897 (see page 21)

The Life of Mr. Alexander Sheilds from Howie's "Biographia Scoticana": Read online at the True Covenanter website.

Biographia Scoticana by John Howie: Mr. Alexander Shields
Read Online PDF Download

Sermons Delivered in Times of Persecution in Scotland: Alexander Shields, Biographical Notice: Read online at the True Covenanter website.

A Hind Let Loose, or An Historical Representation of the Testimonies, of the Church of Scotland, for the Interest of Christ, with the true State thereof in all its Periods - 1687 [1797 edition Read Online PDF Download]
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Biographia Presbyteriana, Volume 2 - 1827
1. Life of the Rev. Mr. Donald Cargill by Patrick Walker
2. Life of Mr. Walter Smith by Patrick Walker
3. Life and Death of Mr. James Renwick by Alexander Shields: reprint of 1724 Edition: Read Online PDF Download

The Life and Death of that eminently Pious, Free and Faithful Minister and Martyr of Jesus Christ, Mr. James Renwick: with A Vindication of the Heads of his Dying Testimony, &c. - 1724
Read Online PDF Download

A True and Faithful Relation of the Sufferings of the Reverend and Learned, Mr. Alexander Shields, Minister of the Gospel - 1715
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The History of Scotch-Presbytery: Being an Epitome of The Hind Let Loose, by Mr. Shields.  With a Preface by a Presbyter of the Church of Scotland - 1692

The explanation and application of the Solemn League and Covenant : for the reformation and defence of religion, the honour and happiness of the king, and peace and safety of the three kingdoms of Scotland, England and Ireland : enjoined by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament in England, and by the Estates of the Parliament of Scotland, to be taken by every man within the three kingdoms, 1643 - 1737 - Ward, Richard, 1601 or 2-1684
SCS #1111: No. 7 in a group of pamphlets
AS ALSO, Another of the same, by the Reverend and Learned Divines of the Church of Ireland, about the Time of taking and subscribing the Covenant in that Kingdom.
To which is added A Vindication of the perpetual Obligation of our Covenants, by the Reverend Mr. Alexander Shields.

An informatory vindication of a poor, wasted, misrepresented remnant of the suffering, anti-popish, anti-prelatick, anti-erastian, anti-sectarian, true Presbyterian Church of Christ in Scotland ... By way of a reply to various accusations, in letters, informations and conferences given forth against them - 1744 -  Renwick, James, 1662-1688
Bound with: ShieldsAlexander1660?-1700. A hind let loose, or, an historical representation of the testimonies of the Church of Scotland

A hind let loose ; or, An historical representation of the testimonies of the Church of Scotland, for the interest of Christ : With the true state thereof in all its periods - 1797 - ShieldsAlexander1660?-1700
With this is bound: His, The mystery of magistracy unvailed. [n.d.]

A letter from Mr Alexander Shields, to the prisoners for Christ, in Dunnottar-Castle - 1685 - ShieldsAlexander1660?-1700

An enquiry into church-communion, or, A treatise against separation from the revolution settlement of this national church, as it was settled anno 1689 and 1690 ... - 1747 - Shields,Alexander1660?-1700

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