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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saltmarsh, John d. 1647

John Saltmarsh (born Yorkshire, died 1647) was a radical English religious and controversial writer and preacher. He is considered one of the Seekers. William Haller called him that strange genius, part poet and part whirling dervish. In his time he was a renowned prophet.

Brook's "Lives of the Puritans, Volume 3 (see page 70)

Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 50 - 1897 (see page 220)

Religious thought in England, from the Reformation to the end of ..., Volume 1 By John Hunt (see page 251)

The Leveller movement: a study in the history and political theory of the ... By Theodore Calvin Pease (see note on "The Prophecy of John Saltmarsh" on page 254)
A Plea for Congregationall Government: OR, A Defence of the Assemblies Petition, Against Mr. John Saltmarsh. &c. - 1646 (by Richard Baxter, John Saltmarsh)
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Sparkles of glory; or, Some beams of the morning star. Wherein are many discoveries as to Truth and Peace. To the establishment and pure enlargement of a Christian in Spirit and Truth (1847) (Originally published 1647)
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