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Friday, October 16, 2009

Rogers, John c.1570-1636

John Rogers (c.1570–1636), sometimes referred to as "Roaring" John Rogers, for his fiery preaching style, was a well-known English Puritan clergyman and preacher.


He published:

  • The Doctrine of Faith, 1627; 6th edit. 1634, 12mo.
  • A Treatise of Love, 1629; 3rd edit. 1637.

Posthumous was A Godly and Fruitful Exposition upon ... the First Epistle of Peter, 1650. Benjamin Brook assigns to him, without date, Sixty Memorials of a Godly Life. He prefaced Gods Treasurie displayed, 1630, by F. B. (c.1570-1636)

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