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Monday, October 12, 2009

Parr, Elnathan d. 1632?

Elnathan parr was a Church of England clergyman and religious writer. He was an eminent divine during the reign of James I. While not a Puritan in the strict, ecclesiastical sense of the word, his writings breathe the saintly scholarship of the puritan era. In construction his works are somewhat awkward, but his illustrations and applications far outweigh any deficiences of the writings of that “faithfull and painefull preacher”. He wrote on Romans 1-2:2, 8-16 and also on “Grounds of Divinity expounded and applied” as well as some other brief works; these being published collectively in several folio editions. He was a minister in Palgrave, Suffolk.

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The private correspondence of Jane Lady Cornwallis Bacon, 1613-1644 By Jane Cornwallis Bacon
Elnathan Parr served as a mediator between the families of Nathaniel Bacon and Jane Lady Cornwallis, who married in 1614. Her private correspondence, including letters to and from her pastor, Rev. Parr, sheds interesting insight into Puritan courtship and matchmaking.
Partial Preview

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