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Monday, October 5, 2009

Mede, Joseph 1586-1639

Joseph Mede (1586-1639) was an English scholar with a wide range of interests. He was a Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge from 1613. He is now remembered as a biblical scholar. He was also a naturalist and Egyptologist. He was a Hebraist, and became Lecturer of Greek.

Brook's "Lives of the Puritans, Volume 2" - 1813 (see page 429)

Middleton's "Biographia Evangelica" (see page 73)

A Critical Dictionary of English literature and British and American Authors, Volume 2 - 1882 (see page 1258)

Lives of Eminent and Illustrious Englishmen, edited by G. G. Cunningham - 1837 (see page 97)
Daniel's Weeks: An Interpretation of part of the Prophecy of Daniel - 1643
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The Apostasy of the Latter Times - 1641
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Mede's Apostasy of the latter times, with an introduction by T.D. Gregg - 1836
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Mede's Apostasy of the Latter Times. With an Introduction by Rev. T. R. Birks - 1845
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Key to the Apocalypse, Discovered and Demonstarated from the Internal and Inserted Characters of the Visions. (A Translation of Mede's Clavis Apocalyptica) - 1833
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A Translation of Mede's Clavis Apocalyptica by R. Bransby Cooper - 1833
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An address to the members of the senate of the University of Cambridge, on the attention due to worth of character from a religious society : with a view to the ensuing election of a High Steward : to which is added, a letter of Mr. Jos. Mede (see page 53), formerly of Christ's College, (copied from a MS. in the Harleian Collection), giving a very particular account of the circumstances attending the Duke of Buckingham's election in King Charles the First's time (1764)
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