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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mather, Richard 1596-1669

Richard Mather (1596 - April 22, 1669), was a Puritan clergyman in Colonial Boston, Massachusetts. He was father to Increase Mather and grandfather to Cotton Mather, both also celebrated Boston divines.

Ten New England leaders (1901) - (see page 97)
William Bradford.--John Cotton.--Richard Mather.--John Eliot.--Increase Mather.--Jonathan Edwards.--Charles Chauncy.--Samuel Hopkins.--Leonard Woods.--Leonard Bacon
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The founders: portraits of persons born abroad who came to the colonies in North America Before the Year 1701, Volume 2 (1919) By Charles Knowles Bolton (see page 419)
Some Account of the Ancient Chapel of Toxteth Park, Liverpool, from the Year 1618 to 1883, and ... (1884) by Valentine David Davis, Richard Mather
See The New England historical and genealogical register, Volume 40 - 1886, page 337 for a notice on this book.
Annals of the American pulpit: or, Commemorative notices of distinguished American Clergymen of Various Denominations, from the early settlement of the country to the close of the year eighteen hundred and fifty-five, Volume 1 (1857) By William Buell Sprague (see page 75)
The new Schaff-Herzog encyclopedia of religious knowledge, Volume 7 (1910) By Johann Jakob Herzog, Philip Schaff, Albert Hauck (See page 247)
The Mather Family (1844) By Enoch Pond, Massachusetts Sabbath School Society. Committee of Publication (see page 9)

Journal of Richard Mather. 1635. His life and death. 1670 (1850)
Will of Rev. Richard Mather, of Dorchester, Mass. 1664 (1866)
"Transcribed from the Record, in Suffolk Probate Office, vol. VI., by William B. Trask, and communicated to the N.E. Hist. & Gen. Register for July, 1866."
Propositions concerning the subject of baptism and consociation of churches, collected and confirmed out of the word of God, by a synod of elders and messengers of the churches in Massachusetts-Colony in New England. Assembled at Boston, ... in the year 1662. .. (1662) by Congregational Churches in Massachusetts, Boston Synon, 1662; Jonathan Mitchel 1624-1668; Thomas Shepard 1606-1649; Richard Mather 1596-1669 - 1662
Title page and p. 31-32 wanting
With this is bound: The church membership of children / Thomas Shepard. 1663 -- A defence of the answer and arguments of the Synod met at Boston in the year 1662 concerning the subject of baptism, and consociation of churches ... / by some elders who were members of the Synod (Cambridge : Printed by S. Green and M. Johnson, 1664)
The Covenant, and Declaration of Faith, of the Second Church of Christ in Dorchester: With a ... (1828)
Contains references to Richard Mather on p. [19]-21 and "Copy of the original covenant of the church in Dorchester" signed by Richard Mather and others: p. 21-23.
The Bay Psalm book: being a facsimile reprint of the first edition (facsimile of 1640 edition) - 1905
The Sabbath in Puritan New England - 1902 (see page 144)

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