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Monday, September 7, 2009

Reid, James 1750-1837

James Reid was born in the Parish of Shotts, August 12, 1750. He was licensed to preach at Foulyet, in the Parish of bothwell, April 27, 1780, being then in his thirtieth year, and was appointed to preach his first sermon at Edinburgh, on the 7th of May following. After preaching in different places for about three years, he received a call from the Reformed Presbyterian Chruch in the counties of wigtown and Kircudbright; and was ordained at lead Mines, in the Parish of Monigaff, on the 10th of July, 1783. He was married on the 26th of December, 1786, to Helen, daughter of James Bland, of Calside, Parish of Anwoth. When the mission to America was proposed to him, though the acceptance of it involved many personal sacrifies, he could not doubt that it was his duty to accept it. He left Scotland for America in aughst, 1789, and reached Scotland, on his return, in July, 1790. He resumed his labours with his accustomed diligence, though, after a few years, his field was somewhat reduced by a separate congregation being formed within its limits. About the year 1825, in consequence of a decision of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, which Mr. Reid regarded as involving a departure from its former Testimonies, he judged it his duty to withdraw, and actually did withdraw, from the communion of the Synod, and maintained his separate standing, in connection with a few others, till his death. In the spring of 1828 he removed from Newton Stewart, which had been the place of his residence, to Glasgow, where he afterwards lived with his daughter, Mrs. Stuart. He continued, for some, to preach once on the Sabbath to such as adhered to his views of the Testimony of the Church; but even this came soon to over-task his strength. He died, at length, of a sudden and severe illness, on the 4th of November, 1837, in the eighty-seventh year of his age. He was distinguished for great gravity, kindliness of manner, and regularity in all his movements. He published The Lives of the Westminster Divines, in two volumes; and a sermon on the divinity of Jesus Christ.
Memoirs of the lives and writings of those eminent divines who convened in the famous Assembly at Westminster, in the seventeenth century, Volume 1 (1811)
CONTENTS OF VOLUME I: Rev. William Twisse, D.D.; Cornelius Burgess, D.D.; John White, M.A.; John Arrowsmith, D.D.; Simeon Ashe; Theodore Backhurst; Thomas Baylie, B.D.; John Bond; Oliver Bowles, B.D.; William Bridge, A.M.; Anthony Burgess, A.M.; Jeremiah Burroughs, A.M.; Richard Byfield, M.A.; Edmund Calamy, B.D.; William Carter; Thomas Carter; Joseph Caryl, A.M.; Thomas Case, M.A.; Daniel Cawdrey, A.M.; Humphrey Chambers, D.D.; Francis cheynell, D.D.; Peter Clark, M.A.; Richard Cleyton, M.A. of Showell; Thomas Coleman, M.A.; John Conant, D.D.; Edward Corbet, D.D.; Philip Delme; Calbute Downing, D.D.; The Rev. John Dury; Thomas Ford, M.A.; John Foxcroft, A.M.; Hannibal Gammon, A.M.; Thomas Gataker, B.D.; Mr. John Gibbon, of Waltham; Samuel Gibson; George Gipps; William Goode, B.D.; Thomas Goodwin, D.D.; William Gouge, D.D.; Stanley Gower; John Greene, M.A.; William Greenhill, A.M.
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Memoirs of the lives and writings of those eminent divines who convened in the famous Assembly at Westminster, in the seventeenth century, Volume 2 (1811)
CONTENTS OF VOLUME II: Henry Hall, B.D. of Norwich; Humphrey Hardwick; Robert Harris, D.D.; Charles Herle, A.M.; Richard Heyrick, A.M. of Manchester; Gaspar Hickes, A.M.; Thomas Hill, D.D.; Thomas Hodges, B.D.; Joshua Hoyle, D.D.; John Jackson, A.M.; John Langley; John Ley, A.M.; John Lightfoot, D.D.; John De La March; Stephen Marshall, B.D.; John Maynard, A.M.; William Mewe, B.D.; Thomas Micklethwait; Matthew Newcomen, M.A.; Philip Nye, M.A.; Henry Painter, B.D. of Exeter; Herbert Palmer, B.D.; Edward Peale of Compton; Andrew Perne, A.M.; John Philips; Benjamin Pickering; Samuel De La Place; William Price, B.D.; Nicholas Proffet; William Rathband, M.A.; William Reyner, B.D.; Edward Reynolds, D.D.; Arthur Salwey; Henry Scudder, B.D.; Lazarus Seaman, D.D.; Obadiah Sedgwick, B.D.; Sidrach Simpson, B.D.; Peter Smith, D.D.; William Spurstowe, D.D.; Edmund Staunton, D.D.; Peter Sterry, B.D.; John Strickland, B.D.; Francis Taylor, B.D.; Thomas Temple, D.D.; Christopher Tesdale, A.M.; Thomas Thorowgood, B.D.; Anthony Tuckney, D.D.; Thomas Valentine, B.D.; Richard Vines, A.M.; George Walker, B.D.; John Wallis, D.D.; John Ward; John Whincop, D.D.; Jeremiah Whitaker, A.M.; Henry Wilkinson, B.D.; Henry Wilkinson, D.D.; Thomas Wilson, A.M.; Francis Woodcock, A.B.; Thomas Young, D.D.; SCOTTISH COMMISSIONERS: Robert Baillie, D.D.; George Gillespie; Alexander Henderson; Samuel Rutherford; SCRIBES: Adoniram Byfield, A.M.; Henry Roborough; APPENDIX; Additional Information; Confession of Faith and other Pieces composed by the Reverend and Vererable Assembly of Divines at Westminster; Conclusion; An Exhortation made to the Honorable House of Commons, and Reverend Divines of the Assembly, by Mr. Nye, Before he read the Covenant; A Speech Delivered by Mr. Alexander Henderson, immediately before the taking of the Covenant by the House of commons, and Assembly of Divines
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