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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Larroque, Matthieu de 1619-1684

Matthieu de Larroque, a Protestant minister, was born at Leirac (Guienne), 1619. After officiating as pastor of Vitre, in Brittany, for twenty-seven years, he removed to Rouen, where he died 31 Jan., 1684. He was a man of profound erudition, and left numerous controversial works, among which we may mention, A History of the Eucharist; and a Reply to Bossuet's book on Communion under both kinds. (from Biographical Dictionary, Volume 1 (1890) by Thompson Cooper)

Matthieu de Larroque, a distinguished French Protestant theologian, was born at Lairac, near Agen, in 1619. He studied theology at Montauban, and in 1643 became pastor of the Church at Joujoh. The next year he went in the same capacity to Vitre, where he remained twenty-six years. In 1669 he was proposed minister to the Church of Charenton, but the government opposed his nomination; similar reasons prevented his accepting a call as pastor and professor to Sanmur. He shortly after went to Rouen, where he died, Jan. 31, 1684. Larroque was a man of eminent natural talents, extensive learning, and great activity. He wrote a large number of works, mostly polemical, the principal of which are Histoire de l'Eucharistic (Amst. 1669, 4to; 2d ed. 1671, 8vo): a very scholarly work, by far his best, and of itself enough to make his name immortal: --Dissertatio duplex de Photino haeretico et de Liberio pontifice Romano (Geneva, 1670, 8vo): --Observationes in Ignatiamas Pearsonii vindicias et in annotationes Beveregii in Canones Apostolorum (Rouen, 1674, 8vo): a defence of Daille's work on the epistles of Ignatius against Person and Beveridge: Reponse au livre de M. L'eveque de Meaux, De la Communion soul les deux especes (Rotterdam, 1683, 12mo): --Nouveau Traite de la Regale (Rotterdam, 1685, 12mo), in defence of the king's right to appoint ministers to the vacant churches in France: --Adversariorum sacrorum Libri iii (Leyden, 1688, 8vo), being part of an ecclesiastical history which he left incomplete. See Nouvelles de la Republique des Lettres, March, 1684, art. 5; Bayle, Dictionnaire Historique; Niceron, Mimoires, vol. xxi; Histoire des Ouerages des Sevants, April, 1688; Haag, La France Protestante; Hoefer, Nouv. Biog. Generale, xxix, 697. (J.N.P.) [from Cyclopaedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature, Volume 5 (1894)by John McClintock, James Strong]

Memoires pour servir a l'histoire des hommes illustres dans la republique
(see page 223)
Histoire de l'Eucharistie, divisée en trois parties, dont la première - 1669
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Histoire de l'Eucharistie, divisée en trois parties: dont la première - 1671
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Dissertatio duplex de Photino haeretico et Liberio pontifice Romano - 1670
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Adversariorum sacrorum libri tres: opus posthumum - 1688
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Conformité de la discipline ecclésiastique des protestans de France avec celle des Anciens Chretiens - 1678
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