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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hoyle, Joshua d. 1654 UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Joshua Hoyle (died 6 December 1654) was a Professor of Divinity at Trinity College, Dublin and Master of University College, Oxford during the Commonwealth of England. He was a member of the Westminster Assembly of Divines.

Brook's Lives of the Puritans, Volume 3 (see page 226)

Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century: Comprizing Biographical Memoirs of William Bowyer, Printer, F.S.A. and many of his learned friends; an incidential view of the progress and advancement of literature in this kingdom during the last century; and biographical anecdotes of a considerable number of eminent writers and ingenious artists, Volume 8 (1814). By John Nichols, F.S.A.(see page 454)

Reid's Memoirs of the Westminster Divines, Volume 1 (see page 45)

Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 28 - 1891 (see page 134)
A Rejoynder to Master Malone's Reply Concerning Real Presence - 1641

Jehojadah's Justice against Mattan, Baals Priest: or The Covenanters Justice against Idolaters. A Sermon [on 2 Chron. xxiii. 16, 17] preacht upon occasion of a Speech [by Archbishop Laud] uttered upon Tower-Hill: wherein you may finde his likenesse to Mattan rather then to Christ: his place in John 11.48, charg'd upon himself By J[oshua] H[oyle], Minister of the Gospel - 1645

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