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Friday, September 25, 2009

Hardwick, Humphrey b. 1602

Reid's Memoirs of the Westminster Divines, Volume 2 - 1811 (see page 7)
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Charles Spurgeon in his commentary on Psalm 126, lists these quotes from Humphrey Hardwick:

Verses 5-6. In my little reading and small experience, I have found that corn sown in dear years and times of scarcity hath yielded much more increase than at other times; so that presently after much want, there hath followed great plenty of grain, even beyond expectation.—Humphrey Hardwick, in a Sermon entitled "The Difficulty of Sion's Deliverance and Reformation," 1644.

Verses 5-6. Mind we the undoubted certainty of our harvest verified by divers absolute positive asseverations in the text: "he shall reap"; "he shall come again"; "he shall bring his sheaves with him." Here's no item of contingency or possibility, but all absolute affirmations; and you know heaven and earth shall pass away, but a jot of God's word shall not fail. Nothing shall prevent the harvest of a labourer in Sion's vineyard.—Humphrey Hardwick.
The Difficulty of Zion's Deliverance and Reformation; together with the Activity which her friends should manifest, during the time that her cause is in agitation: A Sermon delivered at Margaret's, Westminster, before the Honorable House of Commons, on Wednesday morning, the 26th day of June, 1644 - 1644

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