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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hales, John 1584-1656

John Hales was an English theologian, sometime Greek Professor of the University of Oxford, long Fellow of Eaton college, and at last also Prebendary of Windsor. He was present at the Synod of Dort, not as a delegate but as chaplain to the English ambassador. He and some other English theologians were shocked by the treatment of the Arminians, and impressed by the Arminians' defence of their positions, "bade John Calvin goodnight", retaining serious second thoughts about many distinctive Calvinish positions, but according to Tulloch "did not say good-morning to Arminius." He was a tolerant and broad-minded Anglican, of great reputation in his own day for his learning; his sermons were collected after his death as Golden Remains.

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Seventeenth Century Men of Latitude; Forerunners of the New Theology (1908) by Edward Augustus George (1865-1921) (for John Hales see chapter 1, page 17)
Men of latitude in a century of narrowness.--
John Hales.--
William Chillingworth.--
Benjamin Whichcote.--J
ohn Smith.--
Henry More.--
Jeremy Taylor.--
Sir Thomas Browne.--
Richard Baxter.--
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The works of the ever memorable John Hales of Eaton, Volume 1 - 1765
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The works of the ever memorable John Hales of Eaton, Volume 2 - 1765
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The works of the ever memorable John Hales of Eaton, Volume 3 - 1765
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Golden remains, of the ever memorable Mr. John Hales of Eaton College etc. By John Hales, Peter Gunning, John Pearson - 1688
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Golden Remains of the ever Memorable Mr. John Hales, of Eaton-College, &c. (Fourth Edition) with Additions from the Author's own Copy, V12: Sermons and Miscellanies. Also Letters and Expresses concering the Synod of DORT. - 1711
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Several tracts - 1716
1. Concerning the Sin Against the Holy Ghost
2. Of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper
3. Paraphrase on S. Matthew's Gospel
4. Of the Power of the Keys
5. Of Schism and Schismatics
6. Miscellanies
Plus: His Letter to Archbishop Laud, occasioned by his Tract of Schism; never before published among his Works.
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Several Tracts - 1721
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