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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Goodman, Christopher 1519-1602

Christopher Goodman BD (1520-1603) was an English reforming clergyman and writer. A Marian exile, he was the author of a work on limits to obedience to rulers, and a contributor to the Geneva Bible. He was a friend of John Knox, and on Mary's death went to Scotland, later returning to England where he failed to conform; he has been described as a "Calvinist pariah".

Christopher Goodman was less notable as a commentator and interpreter than as a translator. While they were exiled in Geneva, Whittingham, Gilby, Goodman, Coverdale, and others prepared a translation of the New Testament (1557) and subsequently the Geneva Bible (1560)

Memoirs of the Puritans: Christopher Goodman at A Puritan's Mind

Lives of the Puritans, Volume 2 (see page 123)

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Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 22 - 1890 (see page 128)
How Superior Powers Ought To Be Obeyed By Their Subjects: And Wherein They May Lawfully By God's Word Be Disobeyed And Resisted. Wherein also is declared the cause of all this present misery in England, and the only way to remedy the same. By Christopher Goodman, Geneva, 1558 This modern edition by Patrick S. Poole from the 1558 edition.
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