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Friday, September 18, 2009

Fulke, William 1538-1589 UNDER CONSTRUCTION

William Fulke (1538-1589) was an English Puritan divine.

William Fulke: Memoirs of the Puritans at A Puritan's Mind

Benjamin Brook's "Lives of the Puritans, Volume 1" (see page 385)
AUDIO: Listen to Reading of Article on William Fulke, D.D.

Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 20 (1889) (see page 305)

Athenae Cantabrigienses, Volume 2 (see page 57)
Confutation of the Rhemish Testament. By William Fulke, D.D., With an Introductory Essay; including a Biographical Notice of the Author, and a Complete Topical and Textual Index - 1834
Biographical Notice of the Author begins on page 2 of Preface
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A Defence of the Sincere and True Translations of the Holy Scriptures into the english Tongue, Against the Cavils of Gregory Martin by William Fulke, D.D., Master of Pembroker Hall, Cambridge - 1843
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A Goodly Gallerye with a Most Pleasaunt Prospect, into the garden of naturall contemplation, to behold the naturall causes of all kynde of Meteors, as well fyery and ayery, as watry annd earthly, of which sorte be blasing Starres, shooting starres, flames in the ayre &c. thunder, lightning, earthquakes, &c. rayne dewe, snowe, cloudes, springes &c. stones, metalles, earthes &c to the glory of God, and the profit of his creatures (Psalm 148)- 1563
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Metromachia: sive ludus geometricus - 1578
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Stapleton's Fortress Overthrown. A Rejoinder to Martiall's Reply. A Discovery of the Danderous Rock of the Popish Church Commended by Sanders - 1848
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