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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Douglas, Robert 1594-1674

Robert Douglas (1594 – 1674), presbyterian divine, was the only minister of the Church of Scotland to be Moderator of the General Assembly five times. He was elected on of the Commissioners to the Westminster Assembly, though he was the only minister elected who did not serve.
Douglas officiated at the coronation of Charles II at Scone in 1651. During the ceremony he preached a sermon which said that it was the monarch's duty to maintain the established religion of Scotland and to bring the other religions in Britain into conformity with it. Douglas assisted in the Restoration of the monarchy in 1660, and afterwards was offered the bishopric of Edinburgh if he would accept the introduction of episcopacy into Scotland. He refused, and was latterly simply Pastor of Greyfriars in Edinburgh and then Minister of the Parish of Pencaitland until his death.

Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 15 (1888): (see page 346)
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FROM: "The Douglas Archives": Read Online or below:

Robert Douglas(1594-1674), Scottish Presbyterian minister: George Gillespie was ordained on 26 April 1638, just weeks after the National Covenant had been signed and sworn by thousands all over Scotland. He was ordained by his home Presbytery, Robert Douglas (1594-1674), Minister of Kirkcaldy being the presiding Minister. Douglas was later appointed along with the Earl of Cassilis and Gillespie as Scottish commissioners to the Westminster Assembly. Neither Douglas nor Cassilis ever took their seats.
A Phenix, or, The Solemn League and Covenant. Whereunto is annexed, 1. The Form and Manner of His Majesty's Coronation in Scotland. With a Sermon Preached on that Occasion by Robert Douglas of Edinburgh, 2. A Declaration of the King's Majesty to all His Loving Subjects of the Kingdoms of Scotland, &c. in the Year 1650, 3. The Great Danger of Covenant-Breaking, &c. Being the Substance of a Sermon preached by Edmund Calamy the 14th of January, 1645 before the then Lord Mayor of the City of London, Sir Thomas Adams, together the Sheriffs, Aldermen, and Common-Council of the Said City: being the day of their taking the Solemn League and Covenant at Michael Basenshaw, London
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Master Douglas, His Sermon (2 Chronicles 19:6), Preached at the Down-sitting of this last Parliament of Scotland, 1661. With an Advertisement to the Courteous Reader, in a Postscript - 1661
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The Form and Order of the Coronation of Charles the Second; King of Scotland, England, France, and Ireland: As it was acted and done at Scoone, the first day of January, 1651 - 1651
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