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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cradock, Samuel c.1621-1706

Samuel Cradock was a nonconformist tutor and presbyterian teacher. He was sometime Rector of North-Cadbury in Somersetshire.

Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 12 (1887) (see page 437 for the entry on Samuel Cradock)
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The nonconformist's memorial: being an account of the lives ..., Volume 3 (1803) By Edmund Calamy, Samuel Palmer (see page 178 for the entry on Samuel Cradock)
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Seven Rules to be Observed, in Preparing to Hear the Word of God, Take from "The Knowledge and Practice," of Samuel Cradock, B.D. - 1832
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Knowledge & Practice, Or, A Plain Discourse of the Chief Things Necessary to be Known, Believ'd & Practised in Order to Salvation. Drawn Up, and Principally Intended for the Use and Benefit of North-Cadbury in Somersetshire. - 1659
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The Apostolical History: Containing The Acts, Labors, Travels, Sermons, Discourses, Miracles, successes, and sufferings, of the Holy Apostles from Christ's Ascension to the Destruction of Jerusalem by titus; A Brief Description whereof is here Inserted. Also A Narration of the Particular times and Occasions upon which the apostolical Epistles were written; Together with a Brief Analytical Paraphrase of them. To which is added (for the better understanding of this History) a Map of the Apostle Paul's Travels. Published for the benefit of such as desire clearly to understand, and rightly to improve the Holy Scriptures. - 1673
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