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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cheynell, Francis 1608-1665

Franicis Cheynell (1608-1665) was a prominent English religious controversialist, of Presbyterian views, and President of St. John's College, Oxford 1648 to 1650, imposed by the Parliamentary regime.
His Aulicus of 1644 is accounted the first work of 'science fiction' to be set in a hypothetical future, in this case the return of Charles II of England.

Memoirs of the lives and writings of those eminent divines who convened in the famous Assembly at Westminister, in the seventeenth century, Volume 1 (1811)
(see page 226 for the article on Francis Cheynell)
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Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 10 (1887) (see page 222 for article on Francis Cheynell)
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The divine trinunity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, or, The blessed Doctrine of the three coessential subsistents in the eternal godhead without any confusion or division of the distinct subsistences, or multiplication of the most single and entire Godhead, Acknowledged, believed, adored by Christians, in opposition to Pagans, Jews, Mahumetans, blasphemous and Antichristian Heretics, who say they are christians, but are not. - 1650
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The Rise, Growth, and Danger of Socinianism. Together with A plain discovery of a sesperate design of corrupting the Protestant religion, whereby it appears that the Religion which hath been so violently contended for (by the Archbishop of canterbury and his adherents) is not the true pure Protestant Religion, but an Hotchpotch of Arminianism, Socinianism and Popery. It is likewise made evident, that the Atheists, Anabaptists, and Sectaries so much complained of, have been raised or encouraged by the doctrines and practises of the Arminian, Socinian and Popish Party. - 1643
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