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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cartwright, Christopher 1602-1658

Christopher Cartwright (1602-1658) was an English clergyman, known as a Hebraist and for his use of targums in Biblical exegesis, following the lead of Henry Ainsworth with John Weemes.

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Christopher Cartwright: Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 9 (1887) (see page 220 for article on Christopher Cartwright)
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A Commentary , or Exposition on the Whole Fifteenth Psalm. Includes a brief account of the author and his works.
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A Treatise of Justifying Righteousness, In Two Books: I. A Treatise of Imputed Righteousness, opening and defending the True Sense, and confuting the False, with many of Dr. Tullies Reasonings against Truth, Peace, and Me: With an Answer to Dr. Tullies Letter, adjoined. II. A Friendly Debate with the Learned and Worthy Mr. Christopher Cartwright, containing: 1. His Animadversions on my Aphorisms, with my Answer. 2. His Exceptions against that Answer. 3. My Reply to the Sum of the Controversies agitated in those exceptions, etc. - By Richard Baxter - 1676
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