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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Byfield, Richard 1598?-1664

Richard Byfield (1598?-1664) was an English clergyman, Sabbatarian controversialist, member of the Westminster Assembly, and ejected minister. He sat in the Westminster Assembly, but was not one of the divines nominated in the original ordinance of 12 June 1643, being appointed, perhaps through the influence of his nephew Adoniram Byfield, to fill the vacancy caused by the 1645 death of Daniel Featley.

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Memoirs of the Puritans: Richard Byfield
Read Online at "A Puritan's Mind"

Memoirs of the Westminster Divines, Volume 1 (1811) by James Reid (see page 162 for article on Richard Byfield)
Read Online PDF Download

Wood's Athenae Oxonienses, Volume 3, (1813) (See Column 668 for Article on Richard Byfield)
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Richard Byfield: Dictionary of National Biography 1885-1900
Read Online article on Richard Byfield

Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 8 (1886) (see page 113 for article on Richard Byfield)
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A Short Treatise Describing the True church of Christ: and the Evils of Schism, Anabaptism, and Libertinism - 1653
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Zion's Answer to the Nations Ambassadors, Accordig to Instruction given by Isaiah from God's Mouth: In part unfolded in a sermon preached before the Honorable House of Commons at their Solemn Fast June 25, 1645 (Isaiah 14:32)- 1645
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The Light of Faith: and Way of Holiness. Showing What to believe, and for what to strive together, earnestly contend, and suffer for in this contending age. And how to live in all estates, conditions, and degrees of relation, according to this faith. In both, delivering (as near as might be, in the lige of Scripture phrase:) only things necessary, as we mean to be saved, and avoiding utterly things arbitrary, that distract, rather then direct a Christian - 1630
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The Power of the Christ of God, or A Treatise of Power, as it is originally in God the Father, and by him given to christ his Son: And that considered, as either 1-Reserved and kept i his own hands, 2-Committed by him to others, where (1) Ecclesiastical, for the good, and government of his Church, or (2) Political, for the guidance of Common-wealths: together with, 3-The power permitted (1) of the Pope, and his Locusts. (2) of the Turk, and his Armies. In Principles and Conclusions, gathered out of Holy Scripture. - 1641
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