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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Keach, Benjamin 1640-1704

Benjamin Keach (29 February 164018 July 1704) was a Particular Baptist preacher in London.
Benjamin Keach's Home page on the internet
Benjamin Keach Biographical Sketch
Benjamin Keach's Catechism
Benjamin Keach Testified Before a Harsh Magistrate
A Call to Self-Examination
The glory of a True Church, And Its Discipline Displayed
An Election of Particular Persons
The Church of Jesus Christ As Seen in Biblical Types, Metephors
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The Baptist catechism [microform] : commonly called Keach's catechism : or, a brief instruction in the principles of the Christian religion : agreeably to the confession of faith put forth by upwards of an hundred congregations in Great Britain, July 3, 1689, and adopted by the Philadelphia Baptist Association, September 22, 1742 (1851)
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Tropologia [microform] : a key to open scripture metaphors... : to which are prefixed, arguments to prove the divine authority of the Holy Bible : together with types of the Old Testament (1856)
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An exposition of the parables, and express similitudes of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ : wherein also many things are doctrinally handled and improved by way of application .. (1858)
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The travels of True Godliness (1831)
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The travels of True Godliness: from the beginning of the world to this present day. In an apt and pleasing allegory. Shewing what True Godliness is, also the troubles ... he hath met with in every age. Together with the danger and sad declining state he is in at this present time .. (1811)
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