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Friday, August 7, 2009

Candlish, Robert Smith 1806-1873
Robert Smith Candlish (1806 - 1873), Scottish divine, was a gigantic intellect and an enormously popular preacher. Second only to Chalmers as a statesman, he exceeded, some said, in his grasp of Theology.

Robert Smith Candlish was born in Edinburgh in 1806. He entered Glasgow College in 1818, at the age of twelve. In 1826, Robert Candlish completed course work at the divinity hall and began his pulpit ministry shortly thereafter. Candlish became the ordained minister of St. Georges, Edinburgh, in 1834. In 1843 he took a founding role in the Free Church of Scotland and became one of the primary ambassadors in the separation from the Church of Scotland. In 1862, while maintaining his pulpit ministry, Candlish became the principal of New College in Edinburgh. Robert Candlish was a revered preacher, lecturer, and author. Contributions towards the exposition of the Book of Genesis, The Atonement; its Reality, Completeness and Extent, and The Fatherhood of God are among his most respected publications. (From the Logos Web Site)
Memorials of Robert Smith Candlish, D.D., (1880) by William Wilson, Robert Smith Candlish, Robert Rainy
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Web Site devoted to Robert Smith Candlish
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In Memoriam, R.S. Candlish, Sermons Preached by Dr. Buchanan and Dr. Rainy (1873)
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Principal Candlish by Alexander Macleod Symington in "Good Words", Volume 22 (1881) (see page 134)
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Examination of Mr. Maurice's (Frederick Denison Maurice 1805-1872) theological essays (1854)
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The First epistle of John : expounded in a series of lectures, Volume 1 (1870)
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The First epistle of John : expounded in a series of lectures, Volume 2 (1870)
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Reason and Revelation (1864)
The Authority and Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures
The Infallibility of Holy Scripture
Conscience and the Bible
Paul Preaching at Athens--Reason and Revelation
The Duty of Free Inquiry and Private Judgment
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Sermons: Memorial Volume (1874)
Biographical Preface
1. Sowers and Reapers (John 4:37)
2. The Man Christ Jesus (1 Timothy 2:5)
3. The Simplicity that is in Christ (2 Corinthians 11:3)
4. Death and Life with Christ (Colossians 3:3)
5. Isaiah's Vision (Isaiah 6:1-8)
6. Faith Glorifying God (Romans 4:20)
7. Enduring as Seeing the Invisible One (Hebrews 11:27)
8. The sin of Carefulness (Luke 12:22-40)
9. Thorough-going Christianity (Judges 2:1-5)
10. The Oath of God (Hebrews 6:18)
11. The Indwelling Word of Christ (Colossians 3:16)
12. Christ the only Gain (Philippians 3:8, 9)
13. The Foundation of God (2 Timothy 2:19)
14. Strangers and Pilgrims (Hebrews 11:13)
15. Living and dying to the Lord (Romans 14:7, 8)
16. Christ's Lordship over the Dead and Living (Romans 14:9)
17. Work for the Lord and Welfare in the Lord (Ezra 6:14)
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The Gospel of Forgiveness : a Series of Discourses (1878)
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The Book of Genesis : expounded in a series of discourses, Volume 1 (1868)
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The Book of Genesis : expounded in a series of discourses, Volume 2 (1868)
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Scripture characters (1857)
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The two great commandments: Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and thy neighbor as thyself : illustrated in a series of discourses on the 12th chapter of the Epistle to the Romans .. (1860)
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Christianity and recent speculations. Six lectures by ministers of the Free church (1866)
The Bible not inconsistent with science, by Thomas Smith.--
On the place and ends of miracles, by Robert Rainy.--
Spiritual Christianity in relation to secular progress, by W.G. Blaikie.--
The purpose and form of Holy Scripture, by Andrew Crichton.--
Prayer and natural law, by John Duns.--
The Sabbath, by R.S. Candlish
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Life in a risen Saviour, discourses on the argument of the 15th chapter of 1st Corinthians (1858)
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A vindication of the organ: a review of Dr. Candlish's publication entitled 'The organ question'. (1856)
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The Fatherhood of God. Cunningham Lectures (1865)
Lecture First: The Original Relation of Man to God
Lecture Second: The Fatherhood of God, as Manifested in the Person of Christ, the Incarnate Word
Lecture Third: The Fatherhood of God, as Revealed and Known Before the Incarnation
Lecture Fourth: The Teaching of Our Lord on His Own and His Brethren's Sonship
Lecture Fifth: The Manner of Entrance into the Relation; Adoption, as Connected with Regeneration and Justification
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The Fatherhood of God. Cunningham Lectures, With a Supplementary Volume (1870)
The Five Lectures Listed Above PLUS
Lecture Sixth: The Privileges and Obligation sof Sonship
Appendix of Scriptural Illustrations:
1. The Glory of Filial Service
2. The Gospel Convocation
3. The Son Calling His People Brethren
4. The Son Learning Obedience by Suffering
5. The son's Standing in the Father's House
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Bethany; or, comfort in sorrow and hope in death (1871)
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The Prayer of a Broken Heart, an Exposition of the 51st Psalm (1873)
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The Atonement: Its Efficacy and Extent (1867)
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Man's Right to the Sabbath, a Sermon (1856)
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The Cross of Christ; the call of God; saving faith: an inquiry into the Completeness and Extent of the Atonement, with the Especial reference to the Universal Offer of the Gospel, and the Universal Obligation to Believe (1845)
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Discourses Bearing Upon the Sonship and Brotherhood of Believers, and Other Kindred Subjects (1872)
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The Evangelical succession : a course of lectures delivered in St. George's Free Church (1883)
Calvin / Professor Candlish --
Knox / R.W. Barbour --
Henderson / G. Webster Thomson --
Rutherfurd / Alex. Taylor Innes --
Leighton / Professor Blaikie --
Baxter / James Stalker --
Zinzendorf / Professor Binnie
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The Headship of Christ and the Rights of the Christian People (1869)
See Appendix for Speech by Dr. Candlish on the Cardross Case and its bearing upon the spiritual independence of the church as Delivered to the Commission of the General Assembly of the Free church of Scotland held in Edinburgh in November 1860.
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