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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Brinsley, John (the Younger) 1600-1665

John Brinsley the younger (1600-1665), was an English nonconforming clergyman, an ejected minister in 1662.

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Brinsley published many treatises and sermons, including:

  • The Healing of Israels breaches, London, 1642.
  • Church Reformation tenderly handled in four sermons, London, 1643.
  • The doctrine and practice of Pædo-baptisme asserted and vindicated, London, 1645.
  • Stand Still; or, a Bridle for the Times, London, 1647 and 1652.
  • Two Treatises: the One handling the Doctrine of Christ's Mediatorship. The other of Mystical Implantation, 2 parts, London, 1651-2.
  • The Mystical Brasen Serpent, with the Magnetical Vertue thereof; or, Christ exalted upon the Cross, 2 parts, London, 1653.
  • Two Treatises: I. The Saints Communion with Jesus Christ. II. Acquaintance with God, London, 1654.
  • Two Treatises: I. A Groan for Israel; or, the Churches Salvation (temporall, spirituall), the desire and joy of Saints'; II. Περιφέρεια. The Spirituall Vertigo, or Turning Sickness of Soul-Unsettlednesse in matters of Religious Concernment, 2 parts, London, 1655.
  • Gospel Marrow, the great God giving himself for the sons of men; or, the sacred Mystery of Redemption by Jesus Christ, with two of the ends thereof, justification and sanctification, doctrinally opened, and practically applied, 2 parts, London, 1659.
Dictionary of National Biography: Article on John Brinsley (1600-1665)
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The nonconformist's memorial: being an account of the lives ..., Volume 3 (1803) By Edmund Calamy, Samuel Palmer (see page 17 for entry on YARMOUTH, John Brinsley, M.A.)
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The Sacred and Soveraigne Church-remedie: Or, The Primitive and Apostolicall way of composing Ecclesiasticall Differences, and establishing the Churches of Christ. Wherein the authority and utility of lawfull Councels and Synods is asserted and vindicated, and divers of the sad Controversies of the times modestly debated; First preached in the Parish Church of great Yarmouth, and now published for a preservative against the poyson of Anti-Synodall suggestions, and a preparative to the receiving of what mercy God shall please to convey unto his Church in this Kingome, through the hands of the presend reverend Assembly of Divines. (1645)
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Two Treatises: The One, Handling the Doctrine of Christ's Mediatorship ... The Other, of The Christian's Union, and Communion with, and Conformity to Jesus Christ (1651)
Each treatise has special added title page:
the first, Mesites: or, The One and Onely Mediatour Betwixt God and Men, the Man Christ Jesus. Where The Doctrin of Christs Mediatorship is largely handled; And the great Gospel-Mystery of Reconciliation betwixt God and Man is Opened, Vindicated, and Applyed. As it was lately presented to the Church of God at Great Yarmouth. (1651)
the second, Mystical Implantation: or, The great Gospel Mystery of the Christian's Union, and Communion with, and Conformity to Jesus Christ, Both In His Death and Resurrection, Opened and Applyed. As it was lately delivered to the Church of God at great Yarmouth. (1652)
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The Saints Solemn Covenant With Their God. As it was opened in a Sermon preached at Beccles in the Countie of Suffolk, at the taking of the Nationall Covenant there, by the Ministers and other Officers of that Division - 1644
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