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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blake, Thomas 1597?-1657

Thomas Blake (1597?-1657) was an English clergyman and controversialist.
The following are his chief works:

'Birth Privilege, or the Right of Infants to Baptism,' 1644.
'Infant's Baptism freed from Antichristianisme. In a full Repulse given to Mr. Ch. Blackwood in his Assault of that Part of Christ's Possession which he holds in his Heritage of Infants, entitled "The Storming of Antichrist,"' 1645 Wood misnames Blackwood 'Charles' for 'Christopher.'
'A Moderate Answer to the Two Questions: (1) Whether there be sufficient Ground from Scripture to warrant the Conscience of a Christian to present his Infants to the Sacrament of Baptism; (2) Whether it be not sinful for a Christian to receive the Sacrament in a Mixt Assembly,' 1645.
'An Answer to Mr. Tombes his Letter in Vindication of the Birth-priviledge of Believers and their issue,' 1646.
'Testimony of the Ministers of Stafford to Solemn League,' 1648.
'Vindiciae Foederis, a Treatise of the Covenant of God with Mankind,' 1653.
'Infant Baptism maintain'd in its Latitude,' 1653.
'The Covenant Sealed, or a Treatise of the Sacrament of both Covenants,' 1655.
'Postscript to the Rev. and Learned Mr. Richard Baxter,' 1655; answered by Richard Baxter.
'Mr. Jo. Humphrey's Second Vindication of a Disciplinary Anti-erastian, Orthodox, Free Admission to the Lord's Supper, taken into consideration,' 1656, supporting John Humfrey; and other pamphlets and occasional sermons.
The lives of the Puritans: containing a biographical account of those divines who distinguished themselves in the cause of religious liberty, from the reformation under Queen Elizabeth, to the Act of uniformity in 1662, Volume 3 (1813)
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Eben-Ezer: or Profitable Truths after Pestilencial Times - 1666
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Vindiciae Foederis; or, A Treatise of the Covenant of God entered with Mankind, in the several kinds and degrees of it ... 1658
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The Birth-Priviledge: or, Covenant-Holiness of Believers and their Issue in the time of the Gospel. Together with the Right of Infants to Baptism - 1643
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