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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Attersoll, William ????-1640

William Attersoll was an English puritan divine and author.
The Dictionary of national biography, Volume 1 By Stephen (Sir Leslie), Sir Sidney Lee, Robert Blake, Christine Stephanie Nicholls (1908) (see page 711 for entry on William Attersoll)
Read Online PDF Download,_William_(d.1640)_(DNB00)

The Pathway to Canaan (1609)
[Exposition of a Portion of the Book of Numbers]

The Historie of Balak the King and Balaam the false Prophet (1610)
[Exposition of a Portion of the Book of Numbers]

A Commentary Upon the Epistle of Saint Paul to Phileman (1612)
[2nd Edition Corrected and Enlarged 1633]

The new covenant, or, A treatise of the sacraments : whereby the last Testament of our Lord and Saviour Iesus Christ, through the shedding of his pure and precious blood, is ratified and applyed unto the conscience of every true beleever .. - 1614 - AttersollWilliam

A Commentary Upon the Fourth Book of Moses, Called Numbers (1618)

Three Treatises. 1. The Conversion of Nineveh. 2. God's Trumpet Sounding the Alarm. 3. Physick against Famine. (1632)

Phisicke against famine : or, A soveraigne preservative against all distrustfull thoughts and cares touching the things of this life .. - 1632 - AttersollWilliam

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