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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Berkhof, Louis 1873-1957
Louis Berkhof (1873 – 1957) was a Reformed systematic theologian whose written works have been influential in seminaries and Bible colleges in the United States and Canada and with individual Christians in general throughout the 20th century. Berkhof is best known for his Systematic Theology (1932). He taught for almost four decades at Calvin Theological Seminary and served as its president from 1931-1944.
Louis Berkhof was born in 1873 in the Netherlands, and emigrated with his family to West Michigan in 1882. In 1893, he began attending the Theological School of the Christian Reformed Church (now Calvin Theological Seminary), where he studied under Hendericus Beuker and was influenced by the writings of Abraham Kuyper and Herman Bavinck. Berkhof graduated from Calvin Theological Seminary in 1900 and became the pastor of First Christian Reformed Church in Allendale, Michigan. He attended Princeton Theological Seminary from 1902 to 1904, where he studied under B.B. Warfield and Geerhardus Vos. H. Henry Meeter, a friend of Berkhof, remarked that “Berkhof frequently said that he owed more to Vos than anyone else for his insights into Reformed theology” (Reformed Theology in America, 156).
Berkfhof returned to Michigan in 1904 and became pastor of Oakdale Park Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids. In 1906, he was appointed professor of exegetical theology at Calvin Theological Seminary, and in 1926, became professor of dogmatic theology. He also delivered the Stone Lectures at Princeton in 1921. On September 9, 1931, Berkhof became president of Calvin Theological Seminary, where he served until his retirement in 1944. During his lifetime, he wrote prolifically, including numerous volumes on theology, social issues, politics, education, and missions. In addition to his books, he also published countless articles in Reformed periodicals, such as The Banner, De Wachter, and the Calvin Forum. He also served as the first president of the Reformed Ecumenical Synod in 1946.
Louis Berkhof died in 1957.
Biographical Sketch
Biblical Archaeology - 1928
New Testament introduction (or special canonics) (1915)
Systematic Theology - 1938
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Discussion: Berkhof's "Systematic Thelogy" Part 1, (Study Guide) Part 2 (Study Guide) (MP3s), by Robert A. Peterson, Covenant Theological Seminary lectures
Summary of Christian Doctrine - 1938
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An Address: What is the Word of God?
The History of Christian Doctrines -
Introduction to Systematic Theology - 1932
Principles of Biblical Interpretation - 1950
Assurance of Faith - 1939
Manual of Christian Doctrine - 1933
Paul the Missionary - 1915
Recent Trends in Theology - 1946
Subjects and Outlines - 1918
The Church and Social Problems - 1913
Vicarious Atonement through Christ - 1936
Why Reformed Young Man's Societies? - 1929

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