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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Huss, John 1372?-1415

Fr. Jan Hus (alternative spellings John Hus, Jan Huss, John Huss) (c. 1372 Husinec, Bohemia – 6 July 1415 Konstanz) was a Czech Catholic priest, philosopher, reformer, and master at Charles University in Prague. He was famous for being burned at the stake for his heretical views on the Church. Hus was a key contributor to the Protestant movement whose teachings had a strong influence on the states of Europe, most immediately in the approval for the existence of a reformist Bohemian Church, and, more than a century later, on Martin Luther himself.
VIDEO: Hope Channel Biography: John Huss Watch Online
John Huss : the witness (c1907) by Oscar Kuhns (1856-1929)
The Life and Times of John Huss or, The Bohemian Reformation of the Fifteenth Century, Volume 1 (1871) by Ezra Hall Gillett (1823-1875)
The Life and Times of John Huss : or The Bohemian Reformation of the Fifteenth Century, Volume 2 (1871) by Ezra Hall Gillett (1823-1875)
John Huss; his life, teachings and death, after five hundred years (1915) by David Schley Schaff (1852-1941)
The lives of John Wicliff and of the most eminent of his disciples; Lord Cobham, John Huss, Jerome of Prague, and Zisca (1765) by William Gilpin (1724-1804)
Beacon-lights of the reformation : or, Romanism and the reformers (1915, c1889) by Robert Fleming Sample (1829-1905)
The rise of Romanism.--
John Wyclif.--
John Huss: earlier life and work.--
John Huss and the Council of Constance.--
Martin Luther.--
Luther at Leipsic and the Diet of Worms.--
Luther's last days.--
Zwingle: the mountain-shepherd.--
Ulrich Zwingle: later ministry.--
Calvin in France.--
Calvin in Geneva.--
Cranmer: the English reformation.--
Cranmer: persecution and martyrdom.--
John Knox, the reformer of Scotland.--
John Knox: later work in Scotland.--
Romanism: its present status
Leaders of the reformation ([1898]) by Joseph Henry Dubbs (1838-1910)
The dawn of the reformation. John Huss.--
The glory of the reformation. Martin Luther.--
The free church in the free state. Ulric Zwingli.--
The church under the cross. John Calvin.--
The struggle of the creeds. Cranmer and Knox.--
The threefold cord. Frederick III, Olevianus, and Ursinus
John Huss (1879) by Hastings Rashdall
Letters of John Huss Written During His Exile and Imprisonment (1846) by Emile de Bonnechose
John Huss: a memoir [by G. Lommel] tr. by Margaret Anne Wyatt (1841)
John Huss; or, The Council of Constance, a poem [by W. Beattie]. (1829)

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