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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Henderson, Alexander c. 1583–1646
Henderson was a Scottish theologian, and an important ecclesiastical statesman of his period. He is considered the second founder of the Reformed Church in Scotland, and its Presbyterian churches are largely indebted to him for the forms of their dogmas and organization.
Alexander Henderson, the Covenanter (1912) by James Pringle Thomson
Alexander Henderson, Churchman and Statesman ([1919]) by Robert Low Orr (1854-1944)
A sermon preached to the honourable House of Commons at their late solemne fast, Wednesday, December 27, 1643 [electronic resource] (2004)
Sermons, prayers and pulpit addresses (1867): Includes a Memorial About Mr. Alexander Henderson by Wodrow.
The life and times of Alexander Henderson, giving a history of the second reformation of the Church of Scotland, and of the covenanters, during the reign of Charles I (1836) by John Aiton (1797-1863)
Lives of Alexander Henderson and James Guthrie: With Specimens of Their Writings (1846) by Thomas M'Crie.
A Sermon (Matthew 14:21) Preached Before the right Honorable the Lords and Commons Assembled in Parliament: July 18, 1644
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Speeches Delivered before the Subscribing of the Covenant, September 25, 1643 by Mr. Philip Nye and Mr. Alexander Henderson - 1643
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The Covenant with a Narrative of the Proceedings and Solemn Manner of Taking it by the Honorable House of Commons and the Reverent Assembly of Divines on September 25, 1643; also Two Speeches delivered at the same time by Philip Nye and Alexander Henderson. - 1643
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The Copy of A Letter Written to Mr. Alexander Henderson by Mr Hartlib October 4, 1641.
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Audio of Sermon by Alexander Henderson: Preparing for Covenant Renewal
The Declaration of Mr. Alexander Henderson, principal minister of the word of God at Edinburgh, and chief commission from the Kirk of Scotland to the Parliament and synod of England: Made upon his death-bed. - 1648
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A Sermon (Ezra 7:23) Preached to the House of Commons at their Solemn Fast, December 27, 1643
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A Petition of W.C. Exhibited to the High Court of Parliament for the Propagating of the Gospel in America and the West Indies, etc. - 1641
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The Government and Order of the Church of Scotland - 1641
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The Answers of Some Brethren of the Ministry to the Replies of the Ministers and Professors of Divinity in Aberdene Concerning the Late Covenant. - 1638
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