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Monday, June 1, 2009

Gataker, Thomas 1574-1654 ...................... No Portrait

Thomas Gataker (September, 1574 - July, 1654) was an English clergyman and theologian.
He was born in London and educated at St John's College, Cambridge. From 1601 to 1611 he held the appointment of preacher to the society of Lincoln's Inn, which he resigned on accepting the rectory of Rotherhithe. In 1642 he was chosen a member of the Westminster Assembly, and annotated for them the books of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Lamentations.
He disapproved of the introduction of the Covenant and declared himself in favour of episcopacy. He was one of the forty-seven London clergymen who disapproved of the trial of Charles I.
He engaged in a public controversy with the astrologer William Lilly, who had mentioned Gataker in an almanac. He was married four times.

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His principal works, besides some volumes of sermons, are:

Of the Nature and Use of Lots (1619), a curious treatise which led to his being accused of favouring games of chance. 2nd edition in 1627, with refutation of James Balmford's criticism. Edited and Re-published in 2008 as The Nature and Uses of Lotteries Conall Boyle (ed.) Imprint Academic.

Dissertatio de stylo Noel Testamenti (1648)

Cinnus, alec Adversaria miscellanea, in quibus Sacrae Scriplurac primo, delude amorum scriptorum, locis aliquam multis mx reddilur (1651), to which was afterwards subjoined Adversaria Posthuma an edition of Marcus Antoninus (1652)

His collected works were published in Utrecht in 1698.
The Life and Death of Thomas Gataker (from A Puritan's Mind)

Antinomianism Discovered and Confuted: and Free-Grace as it is held forth in God's Word: As well by the Prophets in the Old Testament, as by the Apostles and Christ himself in the New, shewed to be other then is by the Antinomian-Party in these times maintained. - 1652
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A Discussion of the Popish Doctrine of Transubstantiation: Wherein the same is declared, by the confession of their own writers, to have no necesary ground in God's Word: as also it is further demonstrated to be against Scripture, Nature, Sense, Reason, Religion, the Judgement of the Ancients, and the Faith of our Ancestors: - 1624
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The Christian Mans Care. A Sermon on Matthew 6:33. Together with A Short Catechisme for the Simpler Sort. - 1624
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Gray Hayres crowned with Grace. A Sermon preached at Redriff, August 1, 1624. At the funerall of that Reverend, eminently learned and faithfull minister of Jesus Christ Mr. Thomas Gataker. - 1655
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Jeroboams Sonnes Decease: A Funerall Sermon on Part of I Kings 14:17. - 1627
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An Answer to Mr. George Walkers Vindication, or rather Fresh Accusation: Wherein he chargeth Mr. Wotton (besides his former foul aspersions of Heresie and Blasphemy) with Arianism; Mr. Gataker with Socinianism; Dr. Gouge, and Mr. Downham, with a false attestation; Dr. Baylie, and Mr. Stock, with Self-condemnation; all the eight ministers employed in the business between himself and Mr. Wotton, with Partiality and Unjust judgement. Upon occasion of a relation concerning that business, written by the said Thomas Gataker; and by him now again avowed. Where the said M. Walkers vindication is in many things shewed to be an untrue relation. - 1642
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Christian Constancy Crowned by Christ. A Funerall Sermon on Apocalyps 2:10. Preached at the buriall of Mr. William Winter, Citizen of London; together with the testimonie then given unto Him. - 1624
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An Antidote Against Errour, concerning Justification. or, The True Notion of Justification, and of Justifying Faith, cleared by the light of Scripture, and solid reason, from several mistakes of the words: which misapprehensions prove the seeds of dangerous errours. To which is added, The Way of Truth and Peace: or, A Reconciliation of the holy apostles, St. Paul and St. James, concerning Justification (by faith without works, Rom. 3:28 and By Works, and not by faith only, James 2:21, 24) - 1670
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Marriage Duties Briefely Couched together; out of Colossians 3:18, 19 - 1620
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True Contentment in the Gaine of Godliness, with its self-sufficiencie. A Meditation on 1 Timothy 6:6 - Date not legible
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Certaine Sermons, First Preached, and after Published at severall times, by M. Thomas Gataker B. of D. and Pastor at Rotherhith. And Now Gathered together into one volume: the severall texts and titles whereof are set downe in the leafe following. - 1637
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Of the Nature and Use of Lots: A Treatise Historical and Theological; written by Thomas Gataker B. of D. sometime preacher at Lincolns Inn, and now pastor of Rotherhith. THE SECOND EDITION. Reviewed, corrected, and enlarged; with addition of answer to some further arguments; by the Author. - 1627
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A Modest Reply to certaine answeres, which Mr. Gataker B.D. in his treatise of the Nature and use of Lotts, giveth to arguments in a dialogue concerning the unlawfulness of games consisting in chance. And answers to his reasons allowing Lusorious Lots, as not evil in themselves. by James Balmford, minister of Jesus Christ. - 1623
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A Just Defence of Certain Passages in a former Treatise concerning the Nature and Use of Lots, against such exception and oppositions as have been made thereunto by Mr. J. B. wherein the insufficiency of his answrs given to the arguments brought in defence of a Lusorious Lot is manifested; the imbecillity of his arguments produced against the same further discovered; and the point itself in controversy more fully cleared; by Thomas Gataker B. of D. and Author of the former Treatise. - 1623
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The Emperor Marcus Antoninus; (1702)
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