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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dabney, Robert Lewis 1820-1898
Dabney Online Archive: an online repository for Dabney's works, with embedded searchable OCR
Three Lectures by Joe Morecraft III at the 2007 Zion History Conference
1 - R. L. Dabney and the New South
2 - R. L. Dabney: The French Revolution Comes to the South
3 - R. L. Dabney: God Spared the south From Unitarianism
The audio files are here.
The Life and Letters of Robert Lewis Dabney (by Thomas Cary Johnson) - 1903
The Sensualistic Philosophy of the Nineteenth Century Considered - 1876
The Practical Philosophy: Being the Philosophy of the Feelings, of the Will, and of the Conscience, with the Ascertainment of Particular Rights and Duties - 1897
A Review of "Theodosia Ernest; the Heroine of Faith." - 1869
The New South: A Discourse Delivered at the Annual Commencement of Hampden Sidney College, June 15th, 1882, before the Philanthropic and Union Literary Societies - 1883
The Christian Sabbath: Its Nature, Design and Proper Observance - 1882
A Defence of Virginia, (and through her, of the South) in recent and pending contests against the sectional party - 1867
A memorial of the Christian life and character of Francis S. Sampson, D. D. (1820-1898) - 1855
Life and campaigns of Lieut.-Gen. Thomas J. Jackson, (Stonewall Jackson) - 1866
Life of Lieut.-Gen. Thomas J. Jackson (Stonewall Jackson), Volume 1 - 1864
Life of Lieut.-Gen. Thomas J. Jackson (Stonewall Jackson), Volume 2 - 1866
Syllabus and notes of the course of systematic and polemic theology taught in Union Theological Seminary, Virginia by R. L. Dabney, D.D., LL.D. - 1878
A Critical Commentary of the Epistle to the Hebrews by Francis S. Sampson, D.D., edited from the manuscript notes of the author, by Robert L. Dabney, D.D. - 1856
Sacred rhetoric : or, A course of lectures on preaching. Delivered in the Union Theological Seminary of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the U. S., in Prince Edward, Va. - 1870
Discussions of Robert Lewis Dabney Vol. 1: Evangelical and Theological - 1890
Warfield called Dabney "the most conspicuous figure and the leading theological guide of the Southern Presbyterian Church, the most prolific theological writer that Church has as yet produced." These three volumes of articles and essays vindicate Warfield's statement. "This is not a book to be read and returned to the library shelf," states the well known Baptist minister Al Martin, "rather, as I have found to my own profit, it ought to be read, digested, and kept close at hand as a guide, companion and constant prod to us." Dr. Archibald Alexander called Dabney, "the best teacher of theology in the United States, if not the world." Freundt notes, "Dabney championed the doctrines of Calvinism and applied them consistently and practically to the great issues of his times."
Discussions of Robert Lewis Dabney Vol. 2: Evangelical and Theological
Discussions of Robert Lewis Dabney Vol.3: Philosophical
Discussions of Robert Lewis Dabney Vol. 4: Secular
Discussions of Robert Lewis Dabney Vol. 5: Miscellaneous Writings

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