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Monday, May 25, 2009

Scudder, Henry c.1585-1652?
The Christian's daily walk in holy security and peace (1834)
The Christian's daily walk, in holy security and peace (1800)
The Christian's Daily Walk, in Holy Security and Peace. Being an answer to these questions: 1 - How a man may do each present day's work with Chritian cheerfulness?, 2 - How to bear each present day's cross with Christian patience? - 1690
The Godly Man's Choice: or, A Direction how single godly persons, who intend marriage, may make choice of a fit and meet yoke-fellow. Being the meditatons of Caleb Grantham in his single state, as a rule and guide for himself to walk by. And since his death perused and published with some profitable directions how persons should live as becometh Christians in the married estate, by Henry Scudder - 1644
A Key to Heaven: The Lord's Prayer Opened, and so applied, that a Christian may learn how to pray, and to procure all things which may make for the glory of God and the good of himself, and his neighbor. Containing likewise such doctrines of faith and godliness, as may be very useful to all that desire to live godly in Christ Jesus. - 1633

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