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Monday, May 25, 2009

Scougal, Henry 1650-1678

The works of the Rev. H. Scougal ... : Together with his funeral sermon by The Rev. Dr. Gairden; and an account of his life and writings (1839)
The Life of God in the Soul of Man
The Superior Excellency of the Religious
The Indispensable duty of Loving our Enemies
The Necessity and Advantage of Early Afflictions
That There are but a Small Number Saved
The Duty and Pleasure of Praise and Thanksgiving
On the Nativity of our Saviour
On the Passion of Our Savior
A Preparation for the Holy Sacrament
The Importance and Difficulty of the Ministerial Function
His Funeral Sermon by the Rev. Dr. Gairden; and
An Account of His Life, and Writings
The life of God in the soul of man (1868)
Piety without asceticism, or, The protestant Kempis; a manual of Christian faith and practice, selected from the writings of Scougal, Charles How, and Cudworth, with corrections, and occasional notes (1830)
Scougal's Nature and excellency of the Christian religion --
Discourses on important subjects / Henry Scougal --
How's Devout meditations --
Two sermons / Ralph Cudworth

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