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Friday, May 29, 2009

Bridge, William 1600-1670
William Bridge was a leading English Independent minister, preacher, and religious and political writer.
A native of Cambridgeshire, the Rev. William Bridge was probably born in the year 1600. He studied at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, receiving an M.A. in 1626.
For a short time in 1631, he was a lecturer at Colchester, put in place by Harbottle Grimstone and Robert Rich, 2nd Earl of Warwick. From 1637, he lived in Norwich as Rector of St. Peter Hungate and St. George Tombland. He came into conflict with Matthew Wren, bishop of Norwich in 1637 he was officially silenced by Archbishop Wren, a noted enemy of the Puritans. He went into exile in Rotterdam, taking the position left vacant by Hugh Peters. Charles I of England upon hearing from Archbishop Laud that Rev. Bridge had "gone to Holland", "...rather than [that] he will conform" replied, "Let him go: we are well rid of him.". As a non-conformist, Bridge was eventually excommunicated by the Church of England and moved to Rotterdam in Holland, where we was chosen pastor of the same Congregational church where the famous Jeremiah Burroughs was the teacher.
Bridge returned to England in 1642, and was chosen as one of the dissenters in the Westminster Assembly. In 1643, he preached in front of Charles I of England, making a direct attack on the Queen. He later pastored in Yarmouth and became a member of the Westminster Assembly, until the Great Ejection of 1662. There he was one of the Five Dissenting Brethren, the small group of leading churchmen who emerged at the head of the Independent faction, opposing the Presbyterian majority. William Bridge died in 1670.


The works of the Rev. William Bridge, Volume 1 (1845)
Memoir of the Author
The Great Gospel Mystery of the Saints' Comfort and Holiness opened and applied from Christ's Priestly Office;
Satan's Power to Tempt and Christ's Love to and Care of his People under Temptation;
Grace for Grace, or the Overflowings of Christ's Fulness received by all Saints;
The Spiritual Life and In-being of Christ in all Believers;
Scripture Light the Most Sure Light;
The Righteous Man's Habitation in the Time of Plague and Pestilence.
The works of the Rev. William Bridge, Volume 2 (1845)
A Lifting up for the Downcast;
The Spiritual Actings of Faith through Natural Impossibilities;
The Great Things Faith can do;
The Great Things Faith can suffer;
The Freeness of the Grace and Love of God to Believers discovered.
The works of the Rev. William Bridge, Volume 3 (1845)
Christ and the Covenant, the Work and Way of Meditation, God's return to the Soul or Nation, together with his Preventing Mercy;
Christ in Travail;
Seasonable Truths in Evil Times
The works of the Rev. William Bridge, Volume 4 (1845)
Seventeen Single Sermons on Various Subjects and Occasions;
Evangelical Repentance.
The works of the Rev. William Bridge, Volume 5 (1845)
The Sinfulness of Sin and the Fulness of Christ;
A Word to the Aged;
The Wounded conscience Cured and the Weak One Strengthened;
The Truth of the Times Vindicated;
The Loyal Convert, According to the Oxford Copy, with Annotations thereon;
The Doctrine of Justification by Faith opened and applied;
General Index.
The refuge : containing the righteous man's habitation in the time of plague and pestilence : being a brief exposition of the 91st Psalm (1832)
The righteous man's habitation in the time of plague and pestilence : being a brief exposition of the XCI. Psalm (1835)
The Works of William Bridge, The First Volumn. - 1649
The Great Gospel-Mystery of the Saints Comfort and Holiness, opened and applyed from Christs Priestly Office;
Satans Power to Tempt; and Christs Love to, and Care of His People Under Temptation;
Thankfulness Required in Every Condition
Twenty one Several Books of Mr. William Bridge; Sometime Fellow of Emmanuel Colledge in Cambridge, and now Pastor of the Church of Christ in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. Collected into Two Volums. The Second Volume - 1657

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