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Friday, May 22, 2009

Binning, Hugh 1627-1653

Hugh Binning (1627–1653) was a Scottish philosopher and theologian. Binning was born in Scotland during the reign of Charles I, ordained in the (Presbyterian) Church of Scotland and died during time of Cromwell and the Commonwealth of England.

The Works of the Rev. Hugh Binning, Volume 1 -1839
Life of the Author (page iii)
The Common Principles of the Christian Religion Clearly Proved and Singularly Improved, or a Practical Catechism (page 1)
The Sinner's Sanctuary; or, a Discovery Made of Those Glorious Privileges Offered Unto the Penitent and Faithful Under the Gospel; Being Forty-Eight Sermons on the Eighth Chapter of the Epistle to the Romans(page 255) - Sermons 1-16

The Works of the Rev. Hugh Binning, Volume 2 - 1839
The Sinner's Sanctuary (continued) (page 1) - Sermons 16-40
Fellowship With God; or Twenty-Eight Sermons on the First and Second Chapters of the First epistle of John (page 171
Heart-Humiliation: or, Miscellany Sermons, Preached Upon Some Choice Texts, At Several Solemn Occasions (Sermons 1-6) (page 367)

The Works of the Rev. Hugh Binning, Volume 3 - 1839
Miscellany Sermons (continued) (Sermons 7-18) (page 1)
Several Sermons Upon the Most Important Subjects of Practical Religion (Sermons 1-22) (page 171)
A Treatise of Christian Love (page 404)

The Works of the Pious, Reverend and Learned Mr. Hugh Binning - 1735
Life of Hugh Binning (page i)
The Common Principles of the Christian Religion (or his sermons on the catechism) (page 1)
The Sinners Sanctuary (being 40 sermons on Romans 8)
Fellowship with God (or 28 sermons on First John)
Heart Humiliation (18 sermons on several choice texts)

The Common Principles of Christian Religion
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The Works of the Rev. Hugh Binning (Project Gutenberg)

An Useful Case of Conscience; Learnedly and Accurately Discussed and Resolved, concerning associations and confederacies with idolaters, infidels, heretics, malignants, or any other known enemies of truth and godliness
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A Treatise of Christian Love: John 13:35
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The Sinners Sanctuary, or, A discovery made, of those glorious privileges offered unto the penitent and faithful under the Gospel: Unfolding their freedom from death, condemnation, and the Law, in 40 sermons, upon Romans Chapter 8 - 1670
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Fellowship with God: or, 28 sermons on First John, Chapters 1 and 2, wherein the true ground and foundation of attaining, the spiritual way of entertaining fellowship with the Father and the Son, and the blessed condition of such as attain to it, are most succinctly and lucidly explained. - 1671
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Faithful Witness-Bering Exemplified: A Collection;  To which is Prefixed a Preface Concerning Association, Toleration and What is Now Called Liberty of Conscience - 1783
Preface, Concerning Association, Toleration, and what is now called LIBERTY of CONSCIENCE. (page iii)
1. An Useful CASE of CONSCIENCE, concerning Association with Idolaters, Heretics, Malignants, etc. By Mr. Hugh Binning (page 1)
2. A Solemn TESTIMONY Against TOLERATION, and the prevailing Errors, heresies, etc. by the Commissioners of the General Assembly, and by sundry Ministers in the Provinces of Perth and Fife. (page 69)
3. The HISTORY of the INDULGENCE. By Mr. JOHN BROWN, sometime Minister of the Gospel at WAMPHRAY. (page 121)

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